Shopping with Buon

  • How do I buy a Buon?

    Check out our current catalogue here. Like something? Add to cart. Add your billing and shipping information at checkout — just like you would in any online shop. Once you submit the information, we will email you a payment link as ours is not a full-fledged online shop yet. We hold the items you have selected for 60 minutes from the time we send you the payment link. Once the payment is credited, we pack and ship your Buon to you.

  • How do you ship your products?

    We use a third party courier aggregator to ship your products. For remote regions of the country, we use Speed Post. Shipping is calculated at checkout.

  • Do you accept returns?

    Purchases are final. We encourage you to reach out to us with a request for any information or additional photos before you make a firm decision.

  • I’ve changed my mind. Can I cancel my order?

    Please mail us at buon.india@gmail.com immediately. If the product has not been shipped yet, we can accommodate a cancellation.

  • I live outside India. Can you ship internationally?

    Currently we only accept domestic payments and can ship exclusively within the country.

  • How much time do you take to ship? – Delivery Timeline

    Delivery time differs with each order. Other than custom orders, we typically require 7-10 business days for all orders.