Every Buon piece is woven on traditional bamboo handlooms using natural fibres. Experimenting with different yarns in warp and weft, we explore texture and drape.

A silk like no other
Handspun Eri is our focus fabric. Eri gets its name from era, the Assamese name for castor leaves which the Samia Cynthia Ricini feeds on for 30-45 days.

The worm then spins its cocoon. Unlike Mulberry silk where the worm gets boiled with the cocoon, the eri silkworm has a chance at life — it leaves the open-mouthed cocoon on its journey into a moth. The empty cocoons are then washed, boiled and dried.

It is this open hatched structure of the cocoon that allows a humane silk extracting process. Letting the silkworm take time for its metamorphosis yields cocoons that aren't uniform in colour, ranging from off white to a brownish cream.

Traditionally, the women of the household would spin cocoons using drop spindles, slowly drawing a textural fibre by hand.

Buon continues this tradition, sourcing handspun eri yarn from cooperative societies of women artisans.

The yarn is then naturally dyed using ingredients like onion peel, tea, teak, betel nut, charcoal, turmeric and more.

Ready for the loom, the yarn travels to our weavers who make magic on their handlooms. From fibre to fabric, the entire process is 100% handmade.

All Materials
Our handwoven cotton sarees are easy to drape and go about your day. Buon's no fuss cottons are designed for the everyday, in a range of colours and motifs.
Spun from the cocoon of the Samia Cynthia Ricini only after the moth leaves the cocoon safe and sound, Eri is a textural silk.
eri fine
Our finest count of mill-spun eri, for light and delicate weaves. Unlike other silks, Eri is spun like cotton giving it a unique handfeel.
eri handspun
Spun using simple hand tools, handspun eri needs no electricity in its making. Available in a range of colours extracted from gentle vegetable dyes.
Spun from the cocoon of the Antheraea Assamensis native to Assam, this naturally golden silk is an heirloom, carrying memories for generations to come.
mulberry silk
Light and lustrous, Nuni Paat is the perfect summer silk. This diaphanous non-degummed raw silk gets its name from the mulberry plant the silkworms feed on.
nuni paat
A wild silk from eastern India, Tussar is a beautifully textured fabric with a muted glint. Light and breathable, it is perfect for warmer climes.
Commissions and collaborations

Made to order

for collectors, corporates and designers

Talk to us about customised orders and collaborations. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind piece you want for yourself or a collection you would like designed and woven for your themed wedding, anniversary or any celebration, we’d love to be a part of it.

Handwoven fabric is a great gifting option for brands that care about craft, community and the environment. From limited editions of customised felicitation shawls to bulk orders for festive greetings, we are keen to explore different ways to make gifting meaningful and sustainable.

If you are a designer with an interest in natural yarns and traditional weaving, collaborate with our weavers for your next collection. Our looms are capable of producing yardage with a maximum width of 45”. We are particularly interested in promoting handspun eri silk in stitched apparel and home textiles.

For more about commissions and collaborations, drop us a line.